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Legacy Award

Given since 2017, the annual Legacy Award at PUFF is bestowed upon a filmmaker or industry professional who has made significant contributions to the world of weird independent cinema.

Recipients have demonstrated an incredible commitment to the art of filmmaking, a willingness to take risks and challenge the status quo, and a dedication to telling authentic and meaningful stories that push boundaries.

The PUFF Legacy Award also celebrates the geeky collective spirit of the work we as a festival strive to share. It honors the passion, creativity, and resourcefulness that are required to bring a project to fruition, as well as recognizing the vibrant community of filmmakers, actors, and industry professionals (from Philadelphia and beyond) that keep PUFF running year after year.


Legacy Award Recipients


Eric Walkuski (Editor-in-Chief)

John Fallon (Contributor)

Arrow in the Head

Horror Reviews & News


Joe Augustyn 


Night of the Demons (1988)

Night of the Demons II (1994)



Harry Guero 


Exhumed Films



Logan Fry


Prolific Local Talent;

featured NINE TIMES at PUFF 

(so far!)


Christopher Tait


Due to the scaled-back versions of PUFF and industry-wide uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, Legacy Awards were unfortunately not awarded in 2020 or 2021.

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